YouTubeBy using the YouTube link button, users can embed content from this popular media portal in their conversations. Correctly formatted YouTube URL is all that's needed. Users can play videos inside the flash chat or navigate to the original video, to enlarge their view or go fullscreen. The admin can choose which user groups can post YouTube videos through the chat control panel. So, you may wonder, why have YouTube content in addition to the standard multimedia functions of our video chat software?

Firstly, it's an excellent way to upload and share larger video files, which can be dynamically encoded into several profiles, from SD to HD, without any extra work on your part. This becomes rather convenient in an environment where multiple hardware configurations and capabilities for video playback are present. Since YouTube already filters out content that is extremely offensive or copyrighted it is easier to moderate.

Furthermore, having an external video storage location means that demand on your hosting file space and bandwidth is reduced for your chat website. And keeping hosting requirements down can lead to operational cost savings down the line. Lastly, we just like giving our customers that extra bit of flexibility when it comes to video chat and content.

If you run a dedicated YouTube channel, this feature can come in handy in increasing traffic to it and vice versa. A scenario is also possible where the flash chat admin allows his premium membership base to promote their personal channels via viral or serial videos. Whatever your ambition, the functionality is there to make it happen!

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