File Uploading

Visichat - UploadsChatters can upload images, documents, ZIP archives, or MP3 files to their chats with just a few clicks. File uploading to chat rooms enables seamless collaboration and sharing between your chat community members. Regardless of whether they're participating in an e-learning class, customer support session or a lively video chat between friends, they can send and receive files to support their day-to-day activities.

Webmasters may choose which file types people can upload through the control panel. Uploads can be made in public and private conversations. When user sends MP3 files, a compact player widget appears to listen to the music in chat. But chat participants can still download the original file to their computer. The webmaster may also disable the MP3 preview function, if needed.

File uploading is a great feature for deciding what, where and when your community may share on your chat website. It also eliminates the extra steps necessary in setting up of other file collaboration tools, such as Dropbox or Sendfile. You'll also have the benefit of having the file uploading activity logged for future reference, for investigating abusers or looking into any other related chat moderation concerns.

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