Trivia Bot

Visichat - TriviaTrivia Bot plug-in builds on the features of the more general Chat Robot to give chatters an interactive quiz experience. Quizzes are fully automated. Webmasters can configure a database of questions, activate the bot and let it do its thing without further intervention inside the flash chat.

Trivia Bot will regularly pull a question from its database and present it to any users in its room. The bot will let the chatters know the level of reward offered for each question and give a hint, if there's no reply for a little while. Question prizes are set in points per question.

First correct answer gets the points for the posted question and a points total will be kept for each quiz participant, until the end of the quiz. If nobody provides a right answer after a set period of time, the Trivia Bot will reveal it in the chatroom and will move on to another question.

Flash chat administrator can change the bot's username and greeting message too. He can move the robot between rooms and manage it like a normal user in chat. How points are handled is down to the chat administrator as well. Members can get prizes form the admin for a certain number of points or they can be kept simply as a score, without any relation to credits or other flash chat perks.

Trivia Bot is fun, easy to work with and a good way to test basic knowledge and understanding, where appropriate. It can run anything from a simple quiz night to a continuous assessment test in a virtual school. This add-on is available with hosted chat plans for 100 or more users.

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