Block List

Visichat - BanThe block list is an alphabetically sorted grouping of all chatters that have been barred from further contact. Blocked members cannot chat or otherwise interact with your chat website. Users on the block list will remain there indefinitely. But it is possible to also unblock people by deleting them from the block list. An unblocked member can then talk to you again from their next login.

Unwanted contact can be banned quickly in Visichat. The 'Block User' icon appears second from the left, under the user's name, in a private chat window. It'll instantly block the user being spoken to. Webmasters can also block specific individuals from the control panel of their flash chat. The ban list will dynamically grow to accommodate new additions, becoming scrollable when the list of blocked chatters gets too large for comfortable viewing.

The block list is easy to find and operate. Your users will be able to manage it just like any other contact list. Inappropriate chat use can then be reported to moderators and, if a person appears on many personal block lists, it may help the admin make a permanent ban decision to protect privacy rights of people in his chat.

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