Private Chat

Visichat - Private Flash ChatVisichat places all one-to-one conversations in an appropriately sized windows. Private flash chat windows can be adjusted by the user by dragging out their bottom right corner. These windows are compact and movable to anywhere in the main chat interface.

Private chat has all main tools available in public chat, including but not limited to: rich text, smileys, voice, and webcam. You can add people to your block or friend list, and send your conversation partner credits.

It's also possible to minimise private chat windows to avoid clutter and concentrate just on your active conversations. Minimised windows appear as bars, with the user name of the person you were speaking to as the title. These bars will blink on incoming messages, with a further sound notification, to get your attention.

All minimised windows will be grouped along the bottom of the video chat interface, and can be restored to their original size with a single click.

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