Chat Moderation

Visichat - Chat ModerationModerators and administrators have a full range of powers to manage all registered chat members. They can kick a user from chat, ban a user permanently by IP or block users for a set time. Ban timer is set in minutes and the minimum duration it can have is one minute, since shorter durations would make little sense in a real-time chat context.

When moderating a chat, both moderators and administrators can: see an IP address of any user (if enabled), send a global message to all members in all rooms, and use private chat to contact any registered individual. The flash chat owner can control which powers moderators and other admins can use.

To save time with persistent offenders, a moderator can view all online users, ban by host and block every active user, if desired. Finely tuned control options are also available: it is possible to gag a user and close active webcams or mics per user. The chatroom owner is the final arbiter on all moderator decisions. For this reason, moderators cannot sanction other moderators or the administrator.

Visichat can moderate itself, too. It's a big claim to make, but with the introduction of intuitive flood controls in the admin panel, we're assured that webmasters can rest easy knowing their chat is guarded against flood spammers on a 24/7 basis. Flood Control just works - it'll manage itself and in-depth technical know-how isn't a requirement to deploy it effectively. There are in fact just three settings an admin needs to remember.

There's a flood polling time limit, which determines how often the flash chat messaging state is checked for flooding behaviour. This can be tailored to how active your community is, how much public traffic it gets and your server's capabilities. Flood message limit informs the flood control check of how many messages in rapid succession trigger spam prevention. This settings covers both public and private messages, automatic and human spam.

Last but not least, automatic flood gagging time gives you the power to disrupt any spam behaviour by silencing perpetrators for a set period in public and private video chat, even if there're no moderators about.

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