Transfer Credits

Visichat - Virtual CashVisichat implements a facility to quickly transfer credits between members through the private chat window. Credits, once bought, can't be exchanged for cash, auctioned or otherwise manipulated from outside your video chat. This safeguard combats any potential for fraud at the root and simply does not allow it. The chat website admin can disable the credits system if required, in which case the transfer option won't appear to his community members.

On the other hand, having the transfer credits option can generate a healthy virtual economy in your chat and increase its participation levels. It also allows friends to purchase credits for each other, since it's quite possible for one account to buy credits in bulk and transfer them out to other people in his buddy list.

Transfer of credits is a 1-to-1 process in our flash chat, but it's of course possible to credit or tip multiple people by opening several private chat windows at once. All transfers between users can be logged for review. Transfer tracking can highlight if and when mistakes are made, or if your members may need some guidance on how to best use the system. It's also an excellent tool for investigating any potential service terms breaches.

The webmaster can also manually credit specific account balances through the control panel. He can view a list of associated events to monitor the flow of credits without specifically turning on logging per-user in his copy of Visichat.

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