Drawing Mode

Visichat - DrawingWant to spice up your text chat? In the drawing mode, a chatter can use his mouse pointer to draw or write in the message area. A digitiser pen, or any other device that can emulate a computer mouse, will also be fine. The drawing mode is an excellent way to add a personal touch to a chat, illustrate a point or amuse your fellow members. When sent, drawn items appear as images in the chat room.

You can switch back to text with one click or clear the message area, if you want to try again. It's possible to pick colours of the lines you draw to make parts of your doodles or diagrams stand out from the rest. With the drawing mode it's easy to add quick visual cues, rough charts and graphs, and other visual information to your chat conversation.

It's ideal for virtual classrooms, where tutors may make use of it as a digital whiteboard. Mathematical equations can be jotted down via the drawing mode, and students can snap a screenshot of any illustrations relevant to their notes. Teachers are free to mix and match rich text, webcam video, voice and drawing functionality to suit their lesson plans in our video chat software.

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