Visichat - WidgetsWidgets are custom add-ons you can create and add to your flash chat. A widget can be stored in a file in the following formats: *.jpg, *.gif, *.png or *.swf; an image, scripted image or a standalone Adobe Flash file, respectively. It can be as straightforward or complex as you want it to be.

Using add-ons is a nice way to add extra functionality to Visichat that compliments the main flash chat client. Add-ons can also be enabled or disabled on a per-room basis by the video chat owner. Web chat administrator can set a custom widget title, height and location. All widgets can be enabled or disabled individually for development, testing or maintenance purposes. Add-on parameters can be entered directly into the parameter text field or saved in a standard XML file.

Either way, having readily accessible parameters is vital for configuring widgets on the fly. After all, who wants to poke around the widget source code, compile it and re-upload the file just to tweak a few settings? Probably widget coders, but chat owners will likely enjoy the time saving and neatness of the parameters first approach. And even coders can appreciate the speed with which parameters will enable them to test-run and debug their creations.

A summary table of all present modifications is always displayed in the 'Widgets' section, allowing quick editing and deletion of items. Widgets may go live globally, or just in certain chatrooms and chat windows.

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