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Visichat - Control PanelControl panel is the one-stop location for your chat management needs. It's a centralised administration panel that we subdivided into logical categories for ease-of-use. They cover everything from user control to chat reporting, and anything in between.

An administrator can use same powers he has inside the flash chat from here to monitor and improve the overall experience of his community. He can work on individual user, user access group, room or global chat level. Most settings will take effect instantly or at next login for your community members. Advanced settings, related to the back-end functionality, such as licensing, stream separation or database configuration, may need flash chat and Red5 reboot to take effect, but this is very quick and easy.

Inside the control panel the webmaster has the added benefit of tabular views and search options for vital parts of the system. All tables can be sorted by particular column headers, in ascending or descending order, to bring important information to the top. The webmaster can also limit his view to a particular number of pages.

Search options available depend on context, to lessen the demand on the server by only looking up information which you need. For example, an IP search will take an appropriate decimal number as an acceptable query and user name search may be a more general, or partial, text based look up.

So, why not have everything in-chat? GChat strives to provide you with a clean, functional and unobtrusive design. Separating chat administration and back-end configuration away from the front end allows for a clear distinction from in-chat moderation and daily admin roles. In addition to this, a purpose-built control panel leads to an uncluttered interface with a gentle learning curve.

The control panel makes navigation between various admin tools fast: with a full-featured global menu bar, informative summary dashboard and a neat shortcut to the user search function. Its look has been envisioned to speed up your administrative workflow and efficiently use your screen space.

You can go directly to admin panel sections you're interested in, without having to first navigate back up to the root menu level. Quick user queries can be run directly from the admin menu bar, regardless of which section you're currently in, making your life just that little bit easier.

Control panel offers live previews of widgets, games, banners and other essential web chat elements.

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