Chat Statistics

Visichat - Chat StatisticsNewChat Statistics is a perfect plugin for the webmaster who likes to keep himself informed about his flash chat traffic. This add-on elegantly integrates logging of peak user activity in your chatrooms and its graphical time graph representation, which is updated regularly throughout the day for your reference.

Once activated, the plugin will show the peak activity graph under its entry - Statistics - in the Plugins menu of the hosted chat admin panel. The user activity is tracked globally across your chat. The information is tracked on a multi-line time graph for ease-of-reference.

Each line on the graph represents a particular group of users in your video chat. It is possible to pick which lines are shown or hidden on the graph. The webmaster can also choose the graph duration from an easily accessible drop down menu under the graph, to better highlight short and long term trends in user traffic.

Chat Statistics is an excellent tool to help you manage your hosted chat, plan for peak demand periods and investigate low periods of user activity to improve services. A live preview of the described functionality can already be seen in the Visichat demo admin panel. This plugin is automatically activated for hosted chats with 100 users or more.

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