Visichat - Security

User passwords are encrypted, before being stored, and are never revealed as plain text. Individuals can set who may view their webcam or message them privately. Member profiles can define whether they want to receive invites to join a different room or view other peoples' webcams.

A person can also allow everyone to view their webcam without asking for permission first. This feature can save time in a community where people already know and trust each other. User access control is implemented in our flash chat in a transparent and effective way; granting webmasters flexibility and power required to setup a security policy that matches their needs:

• Regular members can use all general chat features enabled by the admin

• Only VIP members can use features defined specially for them

• Only moderators can sanction other members

• Only administrators can manage moderators, edit users and work with the admin panel to manage the chat globally

• Admin can define permissions per each user level group

Chat security is further enhanced by use of captcha messages on the member registration screen. Captcha images are very effective at separating genuine users and spam robots. They secure your community from bogus traffic and excessive random posts often generated by spam bots, allowing moderators and webmasters to focus their attention on more important matters.

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