Multiple Skins

Visichat SkinsGChat video chat software can be dynamically re-skinned to adopt an appearance that fits your preferences. There is a facility to upload pre-compiled skins in SWF format directly from the control panel, so the only limit is your imagination and creativity. Not a Flash or graphical design wizard? No problem! This admin tool can also be used to add ready-made commercial or free skins to your flash chat.

All available skins are show in a list with preview thumbnails to allow for on-the-fly selection. You can upload as many skins as you like and switch between them in real-time. Of course, Visichat provides you with a full-featured standard skin to use or revert to as well.

It's easy to spot skins that aren't functioning as expected as well. Any skin issues will likely result in a thumbnail for it not being rendered, hence the admin can quickly investigate without risking any web chat disruption. Skins that are broken or no longer needed can be safely removed from within the Visichat control panel.


Each skin may have a custom, user-friendly title, if desired. Skin title can be a little bit more descriptive than the Flash filename it is contained in, thus making it more straightforward to manage inside the control panel of your video chat.

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