Multiple Windows

Visichat - WindowsTalking to multiple people at once is quick and straightforward in our video chat package. Each private conversation will open in a separate chat window. Visichat thus keeps your personal conversations separate from the main discussion in public rooms - keeping things tidy. Listening to music or watching video through media player, enjoying and rating Flash games, and launching other chat widgets can all be done while you talk!

Each major activity will have its window associated with it. Elements present in individual windows are context sensitive and won't fill your view with extras you may not need. You can switch between chat windows easily, move windows around and resize them to best fit your screen. Even better, you can enable voice and webcam separately for each user you talk to inside the flash chat. This gives you flexible control over how you wish to communicate at any given time.

If you'd like to send credit to several people at once, this can also be accomplished. You can initiate transfers in each chat window separately and they won't interfere with each other, provided you have sufficient amount of credits to serve them all. Similarly, you can also accept multiple transfers and chat requests.

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