Admin Panel Accounts

NewVisichat - Moderator PanelAdmin panel accounts is the new section of the Visichat admin panel. It lets you configure additional users with admin powers and access to the control panel's various tools, whilst always leaving your main - root - account untouched in Visichat.

Such division of labour is beneficial for keeping your chat going between different timezones, when you're away or just need a hand from someone with more admin experience. The additional panel accounts are easy to configure, manage and remove. Furthermore each panel user can change their own password if needed.

By default everyone has the same level of access. This can be limited through the admin accounts permissions settings. It's possible to select which panel sections and therefore tools each account has access to, in effect providing the webmaster with the power to create a moderator-panel-like experience in his web chat. Tools which are disabled for additional users will not appear for them. Nor can the disabled tools be reached directly via an absolute URL by people without proper access permissions.

The root admin cannot be limited, deleted or otherwise modified by additional control panel users or the webmaster. This safeguard is inbuilt to ensure that whatever happens, there's always at least one admin account a chat website owner can use to get it in and get full management rights to his Visichat copy.

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