Visichat - UpdatesGChat offers free chat update service with every software license. Updates cover new features, patches and bug fixes. We strive to introduce updates which improve our software and maintain data and application backwards compatibility, wherever possible. Our updates often come with features sought after by our thriving community of customers, at no additional cost.

GChat prides itself on being able to merge its vision for its video chat with the needs and desires of people who ultimately make it what it is. All chat updates become available for download via the customers portal, as soon as they are ready. You can get further one year, or more, of software updates by renewing your license, in due time.

GChat also performs free maintenance on all hosted chat services. So, if you go with the hosted service package, you'll never have to worry about the technical details yourself. Additionally, you'll receive updates before anyone else, expertly installed by our experienced technical team.

Major version changes and consequent upgrades are covered by the updates service as well. Prior to such big transitions, GChat will offer an updated, full-featured interactive flash chat demo on its website first. So you can see if there is a need to upgrade or test out and get used to new features, before the new software is available for download and installation.We'll also supply you with any admin panel tools necessary to manage transitions to new video chat software versions, if required, so as not to disrupt your community and service.

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