Multiple Languages

Visichat - LocalisationThe following languages are supplied by default with each copy of the flash chat software:

English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Greek, Danish, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Croatian, and Albanian.

GChat is a global company and we understand the convenience of accessing our video chat software in your native tongue. We recognise that the default range of languages may not accurately capture the full reach of our video chat and diversity of its users, but we always seek to add new translations as and when the need becomes apparent.

Webmasters can set the default language, or use the language parameter in the control panel to dynamically change language for their chat website. Your registered members have the benefit of accessing the flash chat in their preferred locality, since their lingual preferences are independent of the global setting. So don't worry if your users have a mix of language requirements - they won't feel left out!

In general, Visichat offers full Unicode and RTL text support out of the box. Chat website owners can add new language files or edit existing ones. With GChat Visichat, it is easy to communicate in a language you find most convenient.

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