Buddy List

Visichat - FriendsFound someone fun and interesting to chat to? Have you spotted someone you know already and wish to keep in touch with? Visichat enables anyone to quickly compile a list of friends. 'Add Buddy' button appears below the name of the user you are talking to in private chat. From here, a person can be sent to the buddy list, provided they agree to your friendship request, with just one click of the mouse.

The buddy list is the global contact list for all rooms in any given chat. It will let you see active friends regardless of which room they're currently in. You can keep in contact with people you frequently talk to, initiate private chats and send offline user messages to people on your friend list. Like other lists in our video chat, the buddy list is scrollable, alphabetically sorted and easy to use.

You won't have to worry about your contact changing their name or moving to a different room. Your list of friends, like the main user list, will receive all the necessary status updates for the people held in it. But of course, you can also delete people who aren't active anymore or you wish to break contact with.

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