Text Chat

Visichat - Text ChatText chat is always available, even if the user lacks voice and webcam options. Unicode and RTL character input is fully supported, to allow your members to express the greatest possible range of symbols and human language.

Flash chat administrator can set specific fonts used for all text communication in the admin panel. Chatters can choose the font size and colour they use for their messages. All messages can be made bold, italicised or underlined.

Furthermore, the chat admin can define a number of predefined text messages in the administration panel. Users can use these as standard chat greetings or for special occasions.

Another convenient feature of GChat Visichat is offline messaging. If someone you are trying to talk to is offline, they will still receive your message at next login. The message will be shown in a private chat window with your name on it. Your contact can then respond in a similar way or continue live chat, if you both happen to be online.

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