Group Management

Visichat - User GroupsThe flash chat admin can promote and demote members to different user groups through the control panel. People are classified as guests, registered, premium, moderators, and administrators. Each group has a default set of access permissions associated with it, but these can be changed through the control panel.

Guest is the least privileged category. Users who belong to it may not be able to upload files, view webcam without permission or post links, for example. Chat site owners can select more or fewer restrictions placed on guests, as needed. If an admin has disabled guest mode, this user group will not be active.

Registered users can use all regular video chat features without restrictions, except those set aside for VIPs. They normally lack powers of moderators and admins, such as chatroom creation, but may be granted more access at flash chat admin's discretion.

Premium membership is completely defined by the web chat owner. Members with this elevated status can do everything normal users can, and more. They often enjoy features you make exclusive in your chatroom. For example, admin can let only premium members post YouTube videos or access certain private rooms.

Moderators have full video chat access. They can manage and sanction normal and premium users, but not other moderators or administrators. Moderators can kick, ban, silence, and more. It is also possible to take away moderator privileges when required.

Administrator is the highest level of access. Members of this group have full chatroom and control panel access, moderator powers and are able to edit all other user groups. Furthermore, they can view the online users panel and contact invisible chatters.

User groups are dynamic. It's possible to create custom user groups, replace default user groups and assign permissions to them, creating whatever membership hierarchy you like. This enables admins to allow more than one type of premium membership, like gold, silver or bronze, for example. Multiple custom groups can strike a good balance between cost of membership and available chat privileges.

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