User Profiles

Visichat - ProfilesA Visichat user can select an avatar from a collection of stock pictures, made available by the admin. A member can also upload a personal picture or choose not to have an avatar. An avatar enables even chatters without a webcam to display their personality. All individuals without a picture will have a default incognito appearance inside the flash chat - a neutral profile avatar.

User profile can also indicate a person's country and city of origin, year of birth and gender. Marital status can be set from a drop down of standard options and members with a shared account can show they are a couple. Chatters can add catchy taglines to their profile or provide any other information about themselves in the 'About Me' field of the chat client.

Having personally identifiable information inside flash chat profiles is optional. However, it's a great place for your members to flesh out their identity. By keeping a recent profile they can meet like minded people, notify others of their preferences with regard to chat options and gain greater community visibility.

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