GChat Visichat Control Panel

How do I access the Control Panel?

If do an installation for you, we'll send you the URLs for your chat and control panel. Admin panel link by default follows the following format: '/admin/' part is added, without the quotes, to your chat's URL. You can rename this folder if required.

What can be done with the Control Panel?

The control panel offers fully-featured administration and moderation powers to chat owners, and other administrators. Webmasters can manage users, user access groups, permissions, rooms, and global chat settings.

Chat owners can setup payment gateways, integration, banners, and mailing lists. Advanced history and logging options are available to meet the security and privacy requirements of your community. For the full description of admin menu options and what they do, please see the Visichat features page and associated flash chat documentation.

Where can I find more information about the Control Panel?

The Visichat features list discusses main control panel options and what they can do. It provides a good general overview of the admin menu functionality. For a specific how-to tutorial, please see the GChat Wiki.

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