About GChat

About GChat

GChat is a communications and web software development company. We specialise in live video chat, but offer a diverse portfolio of products and business support services. Indeed, we are pleased to lend a hand with web design, development, hosting and SEO, and more. Our technologies support individuals, communities and SMEs. GChat is a UK based company with a global outlook and scope of operations.

Uncompromising innovation from concept to delivery and customer satisfaction, is our company focus and motivation. We seek to empower our clients in meeting their real-time communication needs, maintaining an effective web presence and achieving their personal and business aspirations. We enjoy making complex things easy for our customers, whilst giving them fully-featured and affordable solutions, backed by expert advice.

GChat software products have been successfully deployed and proven in the field over several years. They scale smoothly from private to business websites, offering effortless integration with popular databases and CMS systems. Like the web, our products do not stand still and are constantly evolving.

GChat is a flexible provider, attentive to your needs. We can supply you with standalone, new functionality or work on improving your existing web resources. In either instance, we strive to provide excellent professional service, with the aim of establishing and maintaining long-term business relationships. We accomplish this objective through a combination of dedication, great software and ongoing care, from sales to installation and delivery.

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