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Features of Visichat Flash voice and video chat software
Gchat Visichat 2 connects you with people from around the world in a live video chat community. Connecting is easy with public and private chat rooms. Breakthrough video and voice technology enable a real and natural experience. It's a fast, affordable real-time chat. It's perfect for chat events, collaborative work sessions, online meetings, dating sites, and customer live support.
  • You can change position and layout of each item in the chat including: room list, user list, history, public message, setting panel, login, registration etc...
  • You can add your own language file and upload and interact it with visichat.
  • If you have design skills you can create your own layout and add it to visichat, if you order visichat with flash source code its easy to create new layout, You can change background, styles and colors.
  • Room list can be created from admin menu and you can set capacity of each room, name of room and type of room, support rooms will be accessible and viewable for moderators.
  • Users can set to not allow other members to send them private messages.
  • Each user can upload a picture or select an avatar from the list, or set to no picture, this setting can be turned off by the administrator from admin menu, also you can add your own avatars to avatar folder.
  • Installation wizard makes it easy for you to install the visichat. it will be easy for you to install the visichat with step by step instructions.
  • Emotion smilie make it feel better for users to chat with each other. if you have flash source code you can create your own smilie or add new ones.
  • Source code include all of the flash codes generated with Flash 8 professional and classes.
  • You choose to use MySQL or MS SQL server database when installing the visichat
  • Visichat red5 server will connect to your database to authenticate users to make sure only registered members can login and users from outside cannot connect without correct username and password.
  • Guest option allows guest users to join, guest option can be turned off from both admin menu and visichat red5 server config file.
  • You can set bandwidth of the visichat red5 server by changing values in the visicht2.xml config file which is accessible by the visichat red5 server.
  • If you have source code you can make the user list wider so you can choose users appear in how many columns.
  • Both private and public voice options can be disabled by admin menu.
  • You can view how many users are in each room and as soon as one user enters it get updated.
  • Admin can choose moderators from users from admin menu, and moderators can kick , and timely ban other members, moderators cannot kick moderators. and admin can ban a user by username or IP address from admin menu.

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